First Time Home Buyer Testimony

Josh Naramore
Mobile GR & Parking Manager at the City of Grand Rapids, MI

“Vince was able to make the home buying process for a first-timer like myself totally painless. His ability to outline my options with a no pressure attitude was above and beyond my expectations.”

– Jake Hofeld
Senior Engineer, Waterways Consulting

“I have enjoyed working with Vince Kingston as he has a passion for helping his mortgage clients get the best rates, terms and programs available to them. Vince not only can offer standard programs but also has experience offering programs like Portland’s Mortgage Credit Certificate program and others. If you are looking for a mortgage lender that will go to bat for you, give Vince a call.”

– Jon Gail
Community Relations Coordinator at City of Wilsonville

“Buying a home is the single largest financial decision most people will ever make. Clearly, then, choosing the right mortgage broker is critical. I’ve worked with Vince for over 3 years and am continuously amazed at the level of service and passion he brings to every transaction. More than simply securing a loan, Vince educates his clients on how to best meet their overall financial goals. In a one-size-fits-all world, Vince’s unique approach to finding the perfect fit for the individual is beyond refreshing. Vince is much more than a mortgage broker, he truly is a financial consultant.”

– Jess Knight
Principle Broker- Willamette Realty Group

“Vince helped me get a loan for my first house. He took me from knowing nothing about buying a house and mortgages to my closing. His first time home buyer class is an incredibly helpful and generous service that he provides. Vince was never too busy for my questions and had all the answers.”

– Nick Hughes
Freelance Copywriter

“Vince was an amazing mortgage broker for the purchase of my second home. Vince was extremely knowledgable, helpful, and a great guide through the whole process of setting up the right loan for our budget. Having been through the home buying process once before I can tell you how much of a difference it is having a mortgage broker you can trust and that will always give you an honest and accurate answer. There were no surprises and Vince always kept us up to date on the process and the things required. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker with a wealth of knowledge.”

– Michael Henderson
Creative Director at REI

“Vince is a good communicator, especially with first time homebuyers. I never had to initiate a call to find out the status of our deal.”

– Rebecca Teborek
Bridgetown Realty – Five Star Real Estate Broker 2015

“Vince is one of the most knowledgeable but also personable mortgage professionals I can think of. He always amazes me with his familiarity of various lending opportunities and the detailed way that he explains those programs to my clients. I feel as if my clients leave his office better educated and excited about moving forward towards home ownership. Vince truly makes my job easier!”

– Nancy Messinger

“I have used Vince for three occasions, each with its own “mouse traps” and he was amazing through all three of them. As most would know, the process of buying a house can be quite difficult and stressful. Vince’s experience and attention to detail took all of the difficulty and stress out of each and every phase of the process. I highly recommend Vince as he will make your first, second or third home buying experience a happy one.”

– Marc Andrews
Coding / EDD Project Manager at Discover-e Legal

“Vince helped us with the purchase of a home using 203k streamline financing. We were recommended to him by our contractor who’d had great experiences with Vince. Vince was extremely knowledgeable and closed this difficult loan in record time. We’d heard that 203K financing could be really difficult and drawn out, but Vince made it quick and painless and got things done even faster and easier than with a regular home purchase we’d done previously through a credit union. I highly recommend Vince Kingston. He’s responsive, personable, punctual, and provided excellent work at a very reasonable cost.”

– Ryann Johnson
Director of Underwriting at Charter School Capital, Inc.

“What can I say? I didn’t know much about buying a house as I was a first time buyer. I had a lot of questions and Vince was able to answer them all. We found a house we wanted, but the type of loan we wanted was going to be a little complicated and we were on a very short time-line to closing. Vince assured us he could get our loan done on time and at a competitive interest rate. He did exactly that. Not once did I feel that Vince didn’t know what to do, and every time there was a obstacle, he had the solution. I was endlessly impressed by his knowledge of the complex lending environment. I would recommend Vince to anyone who is looking to buy/re-finance a home. The dude is totally awesome!”

– Mason Louderback
Information Technology and Services Professional

“I have enjoyed working with Vince Kingston as he has a passion for helping his mortgage clients get the best rates, terms and programs available to them. Vince not only can offer standard programs but also has experience offering programs like Portland’s Mortgage Credit Certificate program and others. If you are looking for a mortgage lender that will go to bat for you, give Vince a call.”

– Jon Gail
Community Relations Coordinator at City of Wilsonville

“I hired Vince on the personal recommendation from a friend. He was a pleasure to work with and handled my affairs in a manner that inspired confidence. The bottom line? He accomplished my goals despite a particularly difficult situation.”

– David Rolin
Owner/operator at David Rolin Design

“When it came time to purchase our second home; we went with Vince…Again! Vince was able to get us an amazing rate and we couldn’t have done it without him. Vince is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about home loans and will surely get you a great rate! I mean, I’m self employed and he got me a 30 year fixed @ 4.75% Go Vince!”

– Adam Friedman
Digital Craftsman

“I’ve worked with and have referred Vince to clients and friends going on five years now. I’ve always been impressed with and confident in his ability to work well with others and to always do what is in the best interest of the client.”

– Hans J. Allen Manseth, CFP®
Investment Adviser Representative-Equity Services, Inc. President – HJAM Financial Services, LLC

“Vince handled the mortgage end of the recent purchase of our new rental home, a foreclosure property. Everything went smoothly at the closing and we got a great interest rate, thanks to his attention to shifting market forces and the peculiarities of the situation. He was accessible at all times, and stayed in close contact as the process evolved. Thanks, Vince.”

-Barry Lavine
Computer Software Consultant and Contractor

“Vince worked hard to get a mortgage on my terms in a volitile market. He’s knowledgable of the product and was patient and responsive to my needs, while working on a very agressive timeline. It was a pleasure working with Vince. I recommend him to others and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

– Patrick Hentges
Technology Development Group Leader at Intel

“I have seen Vince work magic on several of my real estate purchases. His knowlegde expands beyond mortgages. I recommend using him.”

– Todd Bertges
Realtor at Kind Landlord Properties

“We bought our house over three years ago. Vince came highly recommended so we gave him a chance to earn our business. My wife and I attended one of his First Time Home Buyers classes and we learned so much. We left that class feeling more than confident that Vince was “Our Guy!” Vince is still there for us. He promptly answers questions regarding Refi’s and Loan Options. Since I’m self employed I am a challenge to finance… Vince has really been a great resource and a great friend from day one.”

– Adam Friedman
Digital Craftsman

“Vince helped me get my first home loan and more recently with a re-finance. Both times I got VIP treatment and great loans. Vince goes the extra mile, in this case, driving in the snowstorm to pick up loan application papers so as to “lock me into” a great rate. Then he shows up at the signing to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend him and would turn to him for professional help with financial planning generally.”

– Sandra Meucci
Tobacco Policy Specialist at Multnomah County Health Department

“I’ve worked with Vince on three occassions and he has exceeded my expectations every single time. I’ve been so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of the industry that I continually recommended him to all of my friends and colleagues who are in the market for mortgage services. He has the skills and perseverance to help you achieve your goals!”

– Ben Musholt
Co-author of “Parkour Strength Training” at BPM Rx, Inc.

“Vince helped us get a great loan for our first house purchase. He was thorough and very informative through out the whole process. He made a somewhat stressful process less stressful and left us with some money in our pockets. Cheers to Vince!”

– Matt Genz
Production Specialist

Vince saved my house closing when a previous company dropped the ball at the last moment. His expertise and amazingly confident attitude made me a customer for life. When I need anything regarding mortgage advising, Vince is my ONLY choice.

– Tony Silva
Global Study Manager at Covance Central Laboratory Services

“Vince has all the necessary traits of an excellent financial planner/mortgage broker:
– He was flexible, eager and responsive in our initial meetings
– He was diligent, extremely informative, and responsive throughout the project
– His follow through was organized and impeccable
– He is a pleasure to work with and has a rare ability to explain complex financial ideas in an easy-to-understand manner.

– Joshua Hatch
Principal, Brightworks Sustainability

“Vince is more than just a competent loan officer with attention to detail, he injects creativity, innovation and true customer caring into his service. He is always looking for ways to make a transaction flow, making the process more user friendly with outstanding results. His customers come away smiling.”

– Mary Mayther-Slac
Owner/Broker, Vantage Point Properties, Inc

My true experience with Vince is not offered on LinkedIn, but I can definitely vouch for him. I got to know his wonderful perspective on finance while hanging out with him on a long weekend ski vacation. I have since then referred 2 of my close friends to him. Both of them can not praise the man enough. They are blown away with his thought out solutions, attention to details, and most of all, he put their needs first. When I’m ready, I will work with Vince without a doubt. In the mean time, I have more than confidence in referring people to this man.

– Carrie Asby
Head Fasion Designer at Sutter Larkin

“Vince was great in helping me acquire a real estate property out of the state from where I’m from and his knowledge of the industry greatly helped from start to finish.”

– Richard Modjeski
User Support Analyst at Microsemi

“Vince gave me an incredibly personal service, answering all my questions, and giving me answers to questions I didn’t even know I should be asking. He guided me through the process, and has maintained our professional connection afterwards to help maintain my knowledge and confidence regarding finance. He is a great person to have on your team.”

– Eli Green
Co Founder, and Director of Design at SQFT Studios

“Vince is always a pleasure to work with and he is the first referral I give to my clients who are considering financing or refinancing a home. He is consistently engaging and down- to- earth… a professional and precise loan consultant.”

-Jenny Jardim Moody
Real Estate Professional with Meadows Group

“Vince is great — very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He is always willing to explain things as well so he’s great for the first time home buyer!”

– Angela Kidner
Senior Project Manager at BirdDog Media

“I had the pleasure of working with Vince recently as my client’s mortgage broker. As a Realtor, we rely on our client’s lenders to provide open communication and to keep us informed of any potential problems. Vince did a great job through and through and we closed on time without a hitch. He came highly recommended and I would definitely recommend him to others.”

– Amanda Haworth
Realtor at Living Room Realty

“There are those people you work with who exude success, Vince is one of those people. He is the one already doing all the things that you and I are still talking about, while still managing to take care of his clients.”

– Gabriel Barber
Founder, Freelance Nirvanaless

“Vince helped us navigate the complexities of using rental income to qualify for a our 4 unit purchase – his counsel and strategy were invaluable in helping us get approved for not only our second property purchase, but one on a $500K+ 4 unit property with only 3.5% down payment!”

– Erik Newgard
Local Real Estate Investor

“Vince helped me purchase my first duplex with all of the down payment covered with a cash grant. Thanks Vince!

– Toni Bradfield
Local Insurance Agent & Real Estate Investor