Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Renovation financing may be just what you need.

Buy -OR- Refinance

Renovation financing is not just for purchases, it is also for refinancing.  You could add much of the costs of your renovations or upgrades into your loan. You could use it to build a rent producing property, with a basement apartment, suite, or accessory dwelling unit.  This could help offset a good chunk of your mortgage payments.

Pay The Best Price

Homes in need of repair are typically sold at a discount.  However, a borrower may not be able to secure a normal home loan on the property. This can be solved with renovation financing, which can allow you to score a great deal while also getting financing help for the cost of upgrades.

We Can Help You

We understand how to overcome unique concerns, such as counseling on student loan debt, credit score challenges, options for qualifying without a traditional income source, and using gift funds or co-signers to qualify. We never decline borrowers – either you are approved now, or we counsel you on exactly what needs to happen for you to get approved in the future.

Renovation Financing Guide

ren_fin2Download the Renovation Financing Guide for free to learn all of the secrets and benefits of renovation financing, including what makes it different from other kinds of financing, what qualifies as eligible repairs, and more.

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