Offers a Deeply Below Market Interest Rate

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  • First time homebuyers
  • Those who have not owned in 3 years


  • For targeted areas in Multnomah County & statewide, the ‘First-Time Homebuyer’ requirement is waived


Increase Affordability

A deeply below market interest rate will increase your affordability and maximize your family’s ability to purchase a home

You Decide...

Choose the best option for you:  Get a below market 30-year fixed rate – or – get a cash grant to cover up to 2/3 of your closing costs!

Ignores Credit Scores

The Oregon Bond is not credit score sensitive.  If you’re able to qualify — you’re able to receive this deeply below market interest rate

Let Us Tell You More:

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How We Can Help

We understand how to overcome unique concerns, such as counseling on student loan debt, credit score challenges, options for qualifying without a traditional income source, and using gift funds or co-signers to qualify.

Either you are approved now, or we counsel you on exactly what needs to happen for you to get approved in the future.