The MCC Tax Credit is one of the most valuable First-Time Home Buyer tax credits in the country – and it’s now available in Portland, Oregon

Maximize Your Tax Benefit

The Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) tax credit supercharges the tax benefits of homeownership by converting the first 20% of your annual mortgage interest expense into a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Exclusive Lenders

Many Portland area lenders are not certified to offer this tax credit, so make sure you work with a certified lender. You cannot apply for the tax credit after you have already purchased your home.

Real World Example

On a $300,000 loan amount at 4.5%, 30 year fixed (4.6% APR), the MCC would provide an annual tax credit of approximately $2,700. That is equivalent to a savings of $225/month!

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What Can The MCC Do For You? 

1. Increase affordability of home ownership

2. It can offset a good chunk of your mortgage payments

3. The MCC Tax Credit can offset more than the cost of your monthly mortgage insurance

4. And it never expires as long as you remain in the home and the loan