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Be Strategic. Leverage Rental Real Estate For Your Future

  • Learn strategies to finance multiple investment properties
  • Start building a portfolio of real estate
  • Learn how rental real estate can set you up for the future

Expert Advice

Vince teaches powerful financial strategies through classes and seminars.   He helps real estate agents, brokers, and even individuals with little or no experience in real estate. He’s truly passionate about helping others smartly finance rental real estate.

Learn From Experience

Vince owns & self-manages several rental properties in the Portland area. Vince understands the ins and outs of rental properties, and how they can create income.  For example, like using rental income to qualify, with no landlord history.   Or how to use income from a roommate to help you qualify. As well as how to qualify with less than perfect credit.  He’s seen it all.

Teams Work

Vince and his team have been building loan strategies for over 13 years. They combine unique lending programs & grants to help people finance multifamily and single family homes. Programs his team offers include: the MCC Tax Credit, Oregon Bond, Renovation Financing, 100% Veterans Financing, 100% USDA Financing, and many more.