Every day in Portland first time home buyers, who can qualify for the most valuable tax credit in the country, will close on their home loans without EVER BEING TOLD ABOUT IT!

That fact illustrates a real failure by lenders.  A failure like this, to properly help first time home buyers, can be a serious mistake.  And this is the kind of mistake that really can and does affect those buyers’ financial future.


Choose The Right Lender

You see…only about 1 out of every 20 loan officers in PDX is qualified to offer the  very valuable MCC Tax Credit.

The “Mortgage Credit Certificate”, more commonly known as The MCC Tax Credit truly is one of the most valuable tax credits offered anywhere in the country!  Seriously.


Know Your Options


So let’s think about this for a second.  If only about 1 out of every 20 Portland area lenders offers this program, then there are bound to be huge numbers of buyers that never hear a word about The MCC during their loan process!  And while it’s true that not every person will qualify for the MCC.  It is also true that people would qualify.  As a result, all those first time home buyers that would qualify are missing out on this huge annual tax credit.  And their missing out just because their lender neglected to give them all their options.  That’s not cool.  Not exactly lender-of-the-year material.

This is where I come in.  I specialize in first time home buyers AND first time home buyer programs.  Programs like the MCC that are very valuable to first time buyers.  How valuable you ask?  Well consider this: not only does The MCC Tax Credit provide annual tax benefits, it goes one step further.  Because this tax credit never expires as long as you remain in the home and the loan!  That’s security you can rely on year after year.

Not telling first time home buyers about programs like this, should be a crime.  So let me help you take advantage of the MCC Tax Credit, because chances are you’re not going to hear about it from other lenders!


Contact me today.  Let’s make a plan.