Hello World, Meet The Eagle Edge!

But why is the Eagle Edge Cash Grant a big deal?

Simple ~ Because people love free down payment money.  And why wouldn’t you love it?  It helps buyers like you accomplish their home owning dreams.  Plus, there’s no denying that a cash grant also provides a sense of financial security.  Not only does that boost in financial security feel good, but it really does motivate & initiate purchases that otherwise wouldn’t exist.  The Eagle Edge Cash Grant can even provide the funding (at least some of it) for that basement apartment you’ve always thought about building.

Let’s just think about this for a second…

With a gifted cash grant that you put towards building a rentable apartment in your basement…you’ve just turned someone else’s money into an asset that could offset more than half of your mortgage!  And you’ll be doing your part to improve PDX’s affordability.  Is that a win-win-win?

So remember, no matter your situation or goals, these are some of the gifts that the NHF cash grant (and working with a lender who offers it) can provide.

The Eagle Edge isn’t right for everyone.  But for the right buyers – it’s perfect!

Eagle Edge Cash Grant Awesomeness:

  • Provides Up To 4.5% Cash Grant of the Loan Amount
    • Translation: covers ALL down payment & some closing costs
    • Sub-translation: free down payment money is better than 100% financing
  • No first time home buyer requirement
    • So even if you currently own a home, you may still potentially qualify for the NHF
  • It can be used on 1 or 2 unit properties!
  • Only 620 credit score required
  • Generous income limits based on applicant income only and qualifying income only
    • This is lender mumbo jumbo for “a lot more people will qualify than it appears”

Now that you know what the Eagle Edge Cash grant can do.  It’s time to find out if you qualify for this amazing program.

Do it today…call, email, or leave me a message below.  Let’s make a plan!