Covering the most valuable homebuyer programs currently available in and around Portland, Oregon. 

100% USDA Financing

17 August, 2018 Believe it or not...there are multiple program options out there that offer 100% financing, NO money down home loans (to eligible borrowers). Today we're going to talk about one of the better-known options: The 100% USDA Financing Program Why You Need...

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MAP 100% Financing: The Real Deal

10 August, 2018 Today we're focusing on another great homebuyer program, called MAP 100% Financing. Also known as MAP 80. Also, also known as the Mortgage Assistance Program. No matter which name you like best...I promise that you'll remember this program because of...

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The MCC Tax Credit: What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know Prepare yourself for a bold, insightful theory that I’ve crafted over many years... The theory states: most people actually don’t like paying taxes. I know this may come as a shock.  Because taxes even have their very own...

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The Oregon Bond

The Oregon Bond is a homebuyer program that you NEED to know about.  A low interest rate is definitely one of the most sought after goals for homebuyers.  And in a our current financial climate, rising interest rates is the reality. But here's...

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The Best Homebuyer Programs in Portland Oregon

Your Guide To The Best Homebuyer Programs Available in Portland, Oregon. Some are specifically for first-time homebuyers. Some are available outside of Portland. Some are even available statewide in Oregon. There's programs here that offer: a...

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