Own Your First Home

In Portland, Oregon

What Is My First Step?


Many people may think the first step to buying a home is to contact a realtor. However, the first step you should actually take is to get pre-approved. Getting pre-approved allows you to know exactly what you can buy and is what you will need to make an offer on a home.

What’s A Pre-Approval?

With us a pre-approval is always free. Get the knowledge and preparation you need to buy a home. Once you’re pre-approved, you are ready to make offers immediately, you can move immediately, and you have a much better opportunity to actually get in a contract.

Who Will Pre-Approve Me?

As an experienced team of first time home buyer specialists, we can coach you through the pre-approval process. We understand how to overcome unique concerns like dealing with multiple student loans, credit score challenges, or qualifying without a “traditional” income source.  Plus get advice on using gift funds or co-signers to qualify.

Either you are approved now, or we counsel you on exactly what needs to happen for you to get approved in the future.