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“Vince was able to make the home buying process for a first-timer like myself totally painless. His ability to outline my options with a no pressure attitude was above and beyond my expectations.”

– Jake Hofeld Senior Engineer, Waterways Consulting

“Vince helped me get a loan for my first house. He took me from knowing nothing about buying a house and mortgages to my closing. Vince was never too busy for my questions and had all the answers.”

-Nick Hughes Freelance Copywriter

“Vince not only can offer standard programs, but also has experience offering programs like Portland’s Mortgage Credit Certificate program and others. If you are looking for a mortgage lender that will go to bat for you, give Vince a call.”

– Jon Gail Community Relations Coordinator at City of Wilsonville

“More than simply securing a loan, Vince educates his clients on how to best meet their overall financial goals. In a one-size-fits-all world, Vince’s unique approach to finding the perfect fit for the individual is beyond refreshing.”

– Jess Knight Principle Broker, Willamette Realty Group

“Vince made navigation the complex world of first-time home buying less complicated.  He was upfront, straightforward, and always willings to answer any questions that we had.  I would highly recommend him, particularly if you’re a first-time homeowner.”

– Jess Knight Mobile GR & Parking Manager For City of Grand Rapids, MI

Portland Oregon Home Loans

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Specialized Programs to Fit Your Homebuying Goals

We strive to provide creative & effective home loan solutions, tailored to your financial situation.  We specialize in offering the best, and largest selection of first-time homebuyer programs on the market.  Programs that most lenders don’t offer. We also have a passion for helping people strategically build a portfolio of investment properties.

Be Strategic

Start Building a Real Estate Portfolio & Set Yourself Up For The Future

We are passionate about helping others smartly and strategically finance multiple properties.  Regardless of your investment or real estate experience, we can teach you powerful strategies and creative techniques to accomplish your goals.  I’d love to show you how owning multiple properties is truly an investment in your future.
  • Learn strategies to safely finance multiple investment properties
  • Start building a portfolio of real estate
  • Leverage your properties and grow your assets with rental real estate

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How The Kingston Team Can Help You

We always offer complimentary pre-approvals that are fully underwritten, for your convenience.

Plan Ahead

Underwritten Pre-Approvals can help first-time homebuyers avoid ugly surprises down the road!

Improve Your Chances

Our pre-approvals can give you a better chance of getting your offer accepted, because most buyers will not have been underwritten approved.

Get Approved Now (or Later)

We work hard to either approve you now, OR counsel you on exactly what needs to happen to get approved in the future.

Knowledge is power

All home loans are different.  Find out all your options…then we’ll create a tailored plan for you and yours.

Vince Kingston

About Me

I began my career in commercial brewing.  To pursue that brewing career I moved west, from Nebraska out to Colorado and Oregon.  Eventually, I transitioned into the wine world. In 2004, I discovered my passion for the mortgage industry and I’ve been there ever since. I truly love to help people reach their goals. He specializes in first time home buyers, as well as financing investment real estate.  He loves to help clients pursue & also broaden their vision “to help them accomplish things that they weren’t even aware they could accomplish.” Vince received his degree in Finance and Economics from Colorado State University.

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